Dog Knee Problems Cause and Solutions

Dog Knee Problems Cause and Solutions

Dog Knee problems are common You would have heard of a person tearing a knee ligament, therefore they will need surgery to repair it. The same type of injury happens to Dogs. ACL injuries in dogs are actually the number one orthopaedic disease faced by dogs. Dog knee problems and ligament damage causes severe pain. […]

K-Laser Therapy Perth WA

K-Laser Therapy at Hanly Veterinary Clinic Revolutionary Benefits

K-Laser Therapy Perth WA  – Now all Pets in Perth have access to The Revolutionary Benefits of K-Laser therapy at Hanly Veterinary Clinic in Maddington What is a K-Laser therapy? In simple terms a K-laser is a non invasive device used to control the way energized atoms are able to release their energy. For interest […]

Seek a second opinion before amputation

Seek a second opinion before amputation Legs Don’t Grow Again

Legs Don’t Grow Again Amputations! Seek a second opinion before amputation Too many unnecessary amputations are being done. One of the main reasons being, that a high number of veterinary clinics, choose to recommend amputation because it’s cheaper to amputate rather than fixing the limb, which is very sad and often traumatic for the pet. […]

QR coded Pet Tags from Hanly Vet

QR coded Pet Tags from Hanly Vet

Pet Recovery QR Coded Collar Tag PET REQOVER If you buy one of these QR coded Pet Tags from Hanly Vet, anyone who finds your pet can immediately contact you as the pet’s owner and make arrangements to return your Pet Safely to it’s family. BUY IT NOW $15 FREE POSTAGE FROM THIS LINK […]

Special Offer

Special Offer EXPIRED 31st May 2017 For Free Vaccination & Flea Treatment for female dogs & cats Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital limited time Special offer Keep your Eye on this space for future a great special offer Book an Appointment for special offers as soon as you see them here to avoid missing out. […]

Rabbit vaccine shortage Australia wide

Rabbit Vaccine Shortage Australia Wide

News update from Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital. There is a Rabbit vaccine shortage Australia wide. As of March 2017, and due to the Rabbit Vaccine shortage Australia wide, Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital has a limited number of vaccines available. Protect your bunny now with a vaccination for just $50 dollars, including the consultation. […]


Parvovirus Vaccination $70

Parvovirus is a serious disease. Not only killing puppies but adult dogs too. Parvo season is here, Treatment is very expensive, vaccination is cheap. Protect your dog Protech C5 vaccination for $70 also covering Parvo virus What is Parvovirus? Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease Parvovirus infects dog of all ages, it is most commonly […]


Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers

Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers available from Hanly Vets centrally located to everywhere in Perth Western Australia. Breeders located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, NSW, Darwin, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, Perth, or New Zealand. perhaps a Breeders located in a remote or rural part of Western Australia, Good news for Eastern States Pet Breeders You can now buy […]

Sending Pets to Perth WA

Breeders Sending Pets to Perth WA

Pre Paid Sterilisation and Microchip vouchers online. Breeders Sending Pets to Perth WA ? Pre paid Sterilisation Vouchers are available on line for pets destined for Western Australia Ideal and convenient for Cat Breeders. Pre paid Sterilisation vouchers for Female Cats can be found and purchased here Pre paid Sterilisation vouchers for Male Cats can […]

whelping & post whelping care

Whelping and post whelping care

WHELPING Bitches and Queens The gestation length of the bitch varies from 57 to 70 days. On average 63 days from mating is accepted as normal for all breeds. SIGNS OF WHELPING Vulval discharge – up to a week before, clear stringy fluid. Vulva soft and flaccid (flabby) up to 3 days before Milk let […]

Dog Chronic ear problems

Dog Chronic Ear Problems

  Dog chronic ear problems Dogs are frequently presented with recurrent ear infections over years, some from 6 months of age. Repeat treatments are not effective; infection keeps recurring every 2-3 months. Dogs aged 3,7,8,10 years had this problem all their life. Ear infections cause Constant pain and personality changes Permanent damage to ear pinna […]