Rabbit vaccine shortage Australia wide

Rabbit Vaccine Shortage Australia Wide

News update from Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital. There is a Rabbit vaccine shortage Australia wide. As of March 2017, and due to the Rabbit Vaccine shortage Australia wide, Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital has a limited number of vaccines available. Protect your bunny now with a vaccination for just $50 dollars, including the consultation. […]

FREE Vaccination & Flea Treatment

FREE Vaccination & Flea Treatment Special Offer

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital have a limited time Special offer for FEMALE Dogs and Cats valid to, and including the 31st May 2017 FREE Vaccination & Flea Treatment included with all FEMALE Cat and Dog Sterilisations. Book an Appointment Now. Tel: 9459 5595 Special offer applies to bookings in person at the Hanly Veterinary […]


Parvovirus Vaccination $70

Parvovirus is a serious disease. Not only killing puppies but adult dogs too. Parvo season is here, Treatment is very expensive, vaccination is cheap. Protect your dog Protech C5 vaccination for $70 also covering Parvo virus What is Parvovirus? Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease Parvovirus infects dog of all ages, it is most commonly […]


Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers

Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers available from Hanly Vets centrally located to everywhere in Perth Western Australia. Breeders located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, NSW, Darwin, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, Perth, or New Zealand. perhaps a Breeders located in a remote or rural part of Western Australia, Good news for Eastern States Pet Breeders You can now buy […]

Sending Pets to Perth WA

Breeders Sending Pets to Perth WA

Pre Paid Sterilisation and Microchip vouchers online. Breeders Sending Pets to Perth WA ? Pre paid Sterilisation Vouchers are available on line for pets destined for Western Australia Ideal and convenient for Cat Breeders. Pre paid Sterilisation vouchers for Female Cats can be found and purchased here Pre paid Sterilisation vouchers for Male Cats can […]

whelping & post whelping care

Whelping and post whelping care

WHELPING Bitches and Queens The gestation length of the bitch varies from 57 to 70 days. On average 63 days from mating is accepted as normal for all breeds. SIGNS OF WHELPING Vulval discharge – up to a week before, clear stringy fluid. Vulva soft and flaccid (flabby) up to 3 days before Milk let […]

Dog Chronic ear problems

Dog Chronic Ear Problems

  Dog chronic ear problems Dogs are frequently presented with recurrent ear infections over years, some from 6 months of age. Repeat treatments are not effective; infection keeps recurring every 2-3 months. Dogs aged 3,7,8,10 years had this problem all their life. Ear infections cause Constant pain and personality changes Permanent damage to ear pinna […]

How to give medication to your Dog or Cat

How to give medication to your Dog or Cat

Hanly Vets explain how to give medication to your Dog or Cat About Giving Medication Forcing pills down your friend’s throat is a BIG NO NO! All beings have feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, as well as an acute sense of taste and smell. We are all basically the same. You wouldn’t like pills forced down, […]

Bling Dog collars

Bling Dog Collars & Slide on Letters

Create your own Name Collar for your pets Simply Stunning! Bling Dog collars and Cat collars, Hollywood Style. Step 1 – Choose your collar size from Cat Collars, Small Dog Collars , Medium Dog Collars or Large Dog Collars. Add the collar to your cart. Step 2 – Count the letters in your Pets name, […]

Towel Donations

Towel Donations

Don’t throw out your old Towels, Microfiber Throws, or Sheets. We’d be grateful for donations if you have time to drop them off! Towels often a shortage! For the comfort of our patients we choose to use towels, sheets, soft snugly throws, and washable microfiber blankets as opposed to “Toxic Ink” coated newspapers, We make […]

Hanly Vets End the Suffering

Hanly Vets End The Suffering

Hanly Vets End The Suffering. This little dog (X-ray pictured) went to another vet, where treatment was provided by putting the dogs forearm in a cast. After 8 weeks with no improvement the owner was advised to have the forearm amputated. At this point the owners sought a secondary opinion and brought their little dog […]

Old Cats

Old Age in Cats

Hanly Vets talk about old age in Cats Old age is not a disease As a result of advances in veterinary medicine, more knowledgeable care and improved nutrition, cats are now living much longer, healthier lives. But, just as for humans, the passage of time has its effects, and you may begin to notice that […]

important to sterilise pets

Dr Gary Hanly on why is it important to sterilise pets

 Interview with Dr Gary on why is it important to sterilise pets Dr Gary Hanly Interview – Dr Gary talks about why is it so important to sterilise (de-sex) your pets. Dr. Gary Hanly from Hanly Veterinary Clinic in Maddington Western Australia, talks about why is it so important to sterilise your pets – Catch […]

Hanly Vets WorkingTogether toSave Lives

Hanly Vets affordable sterilisation

Hanly Vets affordable sterilisation price guide can be found here Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital provide affordable sterilisation and microchips for all pets. As we should all be aware, back on the 1st November 2013 The Governments New Cat Laws became mandatory. This means that all cats must be microchipped, sterilised, vaccinated and wear an […]

Hanly Vets Say No to Preservatives

Harmful Foods to Pets

Hanly Vets talk about Harmful Foods to Pets The whole issue of eggs, milk, chocolate, potatoes, grapes, and onions is now lost to gross generalisation and diet mythology. Of course someone somewhere, sometime will react to something and this makes big news. A lot of nonsense is spread around in the human and veterinary scientific […]

Truth about giving Dogs Chocolate

The Truth About Giving Dogs Chocolate Is it OK to give my dog a chocolate treat? Question: Can I give my Dog or Cat Chocolate? Answer: What quantities are we talking about….. Some humans can’t touch peanuts, crayfish, prawns, tomatoes, penicillin or even vaccines. Some humans die from anaphylactic shock within minutes, others develop hives, […]

Hanly Vets welcome your new Dog

New family Dog

Hanly Vets welcome your new family Dog and offer sound advice Basic things you need for your Puppy or Dog. 3 x bowls. two for permanent fresh clean water changed regularly during each day and as many times as necessary. (in hot weather, this could be as much as 4 or 5 times per day) […]