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Towel Donations

Don't throw out your old Towels, Microfiber Throws, or Sheets. We'd be grateful for donations if you have time to drop them off! Towels often a shortage! For the comfort of our patients we choose to use towels, sheets, soft snugly throws, and washable microfiber...

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Harmful Foods to Pets

Hanly Vets talk about Harmful Foods to Pets The whole issue of eggs, milk, chocolate, potatoes, grapes, and onions is now lost to gross generalisation and diet mythology. Of course someone somewhere, sometime will react to something and this makes big news. A lot of...

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K-Laser Therapy Sessions in WA Learn The Benefits of K-Laser therapy

K-Laser Therapy appointments available in Perth WA  - Pets in WA have access to the Benefits of K-Laser therapy sessions by appointment. K-Laser Australia Website K-Laser USA Website What is a K-Laser therapy? In simple terms a K-laser is a non invasive device used to...

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Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine Hip Dysplasia Canine Hip Dysplasia in dogs is an abnormal formation of the hip joint; you can think of the hip joint like a ball and socket fitting snugly together. When hip joints are dysplastic it means the joints are too loose and depending on severity, hip...

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Home Made Food For Pets

Hanly Vets talk about Good Old Fashioned Home Made Food For Pets Clients consistently ask what many have asked over the years; Can my Dog eat what I eat? Can my Cat eat what I eat? What about home cooked food for Dogs In General, Natural diets with lots of variety in...

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Hanly Vets End The Suffering

Hanly Vets End The Suffering. This little dog (X-ray pictured) went to another vet, where treatment was provided by putting the dogs forearm in a cast. After 8 weeks with no improvement the owner was advised to have the forearm amputated. At this point the owners...

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Dapper Dog Coat Hanly Vets have limited stock in a variety of sizes Available in Clinic only. 2020 Albany Highway Maddington WA. Open from 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 8:30 am to 1:00pm Closed on Sundays. See our Models wearing Dapper Dog wear  ...

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Create Bling Name Collars for Pets

Is Your Rabbit Vaccinated?

Rabbit Vaccinations are Important here's why?

 Protection for Pet Rabbits

The RHDV1 strain of the rabbit haemorrhagic disease know as Calicivirus, which was first released in Australia by the Australian Government in 1996 was to control the population of wild rabbits.

To boost the RHDV1 virus strain’s effectiveness to further control Rabbit populations, both state and territory governments around Australia released another virus in March 2017 known as K5


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