Slide on Letters 20mm for Dog Collars


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Slide on Letters suitable for Dog Collars 20mm wide

Each Bling Slide on Letter is 20mm (2cm) tall and will fit by sliding it onto any of our 20mm wide, purposefully designed create a name collars. The letters are generously adorned with sparkly diamante white diamond coloured stones in true Hollywood Style! Spoil your pet with a gorgeous collar displaying your pets name. We all know your pet is Royalty, lets make them look like Royalty as well with a Stunning Bling diamante diamond name collar.


When choosing your letters, add the correct quantity of letters making up your dogs name to the cart, and at the check out let us know the correct spelling of your pets name in the notes section. or if you forgot to do this, you can also do it in the PayPal notes to merchant or seller section. If unsure you can always give us a call or send an email.

If you forget to tell us the Name of your Pet with the order, Don’t worry we’ll send you an email.

Slide on Letters 10mm

Special Care Instructions:

Before use to keep that sparkle;

  • Line up all of the letters on a piece of paper towel.
  • Paint each letter covering the diamante stones in clear finger nail varnish. (any brand is OK) Only use Clear varnish. Some call it clear nail polish.
  • Only coat the stones and surrounding front area. No need to coat the back of the letters.
  • Allow the varnish/polish to dry naturally. do not use artificial nail polish dryers.
  • Drying time will vary according to your climate.
  • Best left overnight to dry thoroughly before use. Strong varnish smells will also dissipate.
  • Place the letters in order making up your pets name onto the collar by sliding them on.
  • Make sure you don’t slide them upside down.
  • Place the collar round your pets neck first to establish the correct orientation to avoid it being upside down, don’t laugh at this simple instruction it’s easily done!
  • By Coating the diamante side with clear polish, this helps keep the sparkle also helping prevent fine debris from your pets coat becoming lodged between the stones.
  • A clear polish coating also helps prevent discoloration over time due to moisture and dust build up.

Cleaning letters to bring sparkle back.

Simply remove the letters from the collar, gently wipe over with a soft cloth made moist with water and diluted dish washing detergent, rinse well and leave to dry, or pat dry with lint free paper towel and put the letters back on the collar.

Sensible Care Tips:

Remove the collar with the letters on before allowing your dog to play in water. eg: swimming pools, water play ponds,  sea water or salty beech sand.
Bling name collars are not Waterproof and like most things not designed to withstand salt or chlorinated water.

The sensible idea would be to keep a spare polyester, nylon, synthetic or leather collar for this type of play or exercise activity.

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